Pool Access

Key FOB’s

(Electronic Access) images-2

Each Homeowner/Resident in good standing will be issued two Key Fobs. Key fobs are numbered and will identify you by name. Key Fobs will be tracked at the point of use; this means that every time your Key Fob is used, the transaction will be recorded. Info will be collected into a printable report. *This info is for Woodland Shores Pool Co/HOA use only and will not be shared or published.

Key Fobs will be issued and remain active contingent upon HOA dues being up to date yearly.

Defective Key Fobs will be replaced at retail.

Key Fobs lost will be replaced at a cost of $20.00 for the 1st loss; $50.00 dollars for the 2nd loss, a third loss will be discussed by the Pool Committee/HOA and could result in suspension of pool privileges.

Lost Key Fobs need to be reported to the Pool Committee/HOA immediately so we can turn them off.

Unsafe conduct, acts of vandalism, misuse of Key Fobs will result in Suspension of Pool use.

I have read and agree to abide by any and all rules deemed necessary by the Woodland Shores Pool Committee. I have reviewed these rules with each member of my household. I further agree that rules will, and can be changed without notice as necessary by Woodland Shores Pool Committee. I further understand that pool privileges are contingent on having paid Home Owners Association dues to Woodland Shores HOA and compliance with pool rules and requirements.



Printed Name


Print and Sign Form

Pool Rules 2013


Please direct inquiries to one of the listed board members.

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