Boating & Dock Regulations

Woodland Shores Boating Regulations
(Rev.: 05-June-08)

  1. Operating Regulations
    1. Proof of completion/passing of online Missouri boating safety course is required prior to reservation/usage of Pontoon Boat
    2. Signature of liability waiver is required prior to usage. Signed waivers are to be turned into the sales office.
    3. The Pontoon Boat can only be reserved/used by a homeowner, in good standing, of Woodland Shores
  2. Reservations
    1. Made through Yahoo website 1 week prior to usage date
    2. Limited to 2 days within a 1 week period
    3. Limited to 3 hour blocks
    4. Limited to 1 holiday per household per year
    5. Keys will be obtained/returned to lockbox located on the Pontoon Boat. The key code will be changed on a regular basis. New codes will be issued to reservation holders by email.
  3. Guests in Company of Members:
    1. A homeowner of Woodland Shores must accompany guests at all times when using the Pontoon Boat or docks.
    2. Members Responsible for Children and Guests: All dependents and/or minor children are the responsibility of their parents or guardian at all times when using the facilities of Woodland Shores. Violations of these regulations, committed by dependents or children, will result in appropriate disciplinary action (including fines) against parents, as if the parents of offending children had committed such violations.
    3. Also guests are the responsibility of the members. Violations of these regulations by guests will result in violations and fines against sponsoring members as if such violations were committed by the member.
    4. Each homeowner who uses the Pontoon Boat is expected to clean up after them self and ensure that the pontoon is in good shape for subsequent users. From time to time there may be a boat/dock cleanup meeting for all users to attend and help with. The Lake Committee will notify users when these are scheduled.
  4. Damages
    1. At this time, no damage deposit is required. However, it is the responsibility of the homeowner who uses the Pontoon Boat for the cost to repair all damages incurred during their usage.
    2. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to inspect the Pontoon Boat and notify the Lake Committee of any / all damage that has occurred to the boat. We are working on the honor system, if the boat is damaged during your usage, you should notify the Lake Committee immediately with an indication that you were responsible for the damage. Unreported damages will result in a check in/check out procedure. This will severely limit the homeowner’s ability to use the Pontoon Boat.
  5. Prohibited Activities
    1. Intoxicants: The Jackson County Park Regulations state, “No person shall possess or consume any alcoholic beverage within Prairie Lee Park, at Prairie Lee Lake, at any swimming beach or archery range operated by Jackson County at any location within Jackson County, at the Fleming Meeting Hall, or at any historic site operated by Jackson County, except when authorized by the Director for park related events. This section also shall also apply to lakeside residents of Prairie Lee Lake who are using the lake or park.”
    2. Carelessness: No person may operate any vessel in a careless, negligent, or wanton manner so as to endanger life, limb, or property.
    3. Barbeque grill: Grilling is not allowed on the Pontoon Boat.
    4. Discharge of Refuse: No person shall discharge into the lake or upon any dock any oil, gasoline, flammable materials of any kind or refuse or polluting material of any kind.
    5. Fireworks: No fireworks shall be ignited from a watercraft or from any dock. No fireworks shall be ignited toward any watercraft.
    6. Load: The Pontoon Boat shall not be loaded with people or weight in excess of the manufacturer certified rating, which is posted on the boat.
  6. Miscellaneous Operating Rules
    1. Age limit: No person under the age of sixteen (16) shall operate the Pontoon Boat.
    2. The homeowner is responsible for providing gas for their use.
    3. Buoyant Devices: The homeowner must provide each person occupying the Pontoon Boat with a Coast Guard approved life saving device.
  7. Applicability of Other Laws and Regulations
    1. The regulations for boats promulgated by the United States Coast Guard, the State of Missouri, and Jackson County also govern the use of the Pontoon Boat on Prairie Lee Lake. Every operator should become familiar with such rules and laws and adhere to them.
    2. Failure to abide by all applicable rules, laws and regulations may result in criminal liability for damages in the event of accident or injury by reason of such failure to obey. Failure to abide by such rules and laws is prima facie evidence of negligence.
    3. Complete knowledge of and adherence to state and local rules is the responsibility of every homeowner. The homeowner shall be held responsible and liable for operation of the Pontoon Boat.
  8. Violation of Regulations
    1. Supervision of Operations of the Pontoon Boat.
    2. Members of the Lake Committee are authorized to enforce the rules of operation of the Pontoon Boat.
    3. The Lake Committee may refuse reservation/usage of the Pontoon Boat to homeowners who have failed to follow the boat regulations or failed to pay for damages to the Pontoon Boat.
  9. Complaints
    1. Written complaints shall be submitted to a member of the Lake Committee within 5 days of the occurrence.
  10. Appeals Process
    1. The Lake Committee at the first scheduled meeting following an occurrence will hear appeals from residents.
  11. Boat Slip Policy
    1. Boat Slip Leasing: On an annual basis, four of the eight boat slips will be made available to residents of Woodland Shores. Slips cannot be subleased.
    2. Application List: All requests for the annual lease of a boat slip shall be made prior to April 15th of each calendar year. Each year, a lottery system will be used to assign the four slips. If less than four slips are requested, the remaining slips, up to four total, will be leased on a first come basis.
    3. Maintenance and Modifications: Modifications of the boat slips are prohibited.

Please direct inquiries to one of the listed board members.

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