Pontoon Operating Checklist

Pontoon Operating Checklist

Reservation Checklist

  • Complete all the pre-rental requirements including safety certification and sign liability waiver
  • Make Reservation on SimplyBook one week prior
  • Pay Rental Fee

Start-Up Checklist

  • Get key from pool cabana lock box
  • Remove tarp and stow under forward seat cushion.
  • Hook red battery cable to battery under back seat cushion.
  • Open gas air valve by turning nut on top of gas cap.
  • Lower engine into water (full down).
  • Turn “Run / Off” switch (on side of steering cabinet) to Run position.
  • Place key into ignition switch
  • If canopy is to be deployed, remove canopy tarp and stow. Bring front of canopy forward and lock canopy into position by using the two bungee cords (one on either side) to tie to pontoon railing.
  • Make sure drive lever is in Neutral position.
  • Turn key to start engine.
  • Untie from tie-down cleats (four positions) and cast off.

Stowing Checklist

  • Turn off engine and stow key in key box.
  • Tie down pontoon to cleats (four positions).
  • Leave drive lever in Neutral position.
  • Turn “Run / Off” Switch to off position.
  • Raise engine out of water (full up).
  • Remove red battery cable from battery and replace wing nut on battery.
  • Tighten down air nut on top of gas cap.
  • Stow canopy (if used) and cover with its tarp.
  • Place Tarp over entire pontoon using the tarp poles in center for support.

Important Notes

  • Always put Pontoon into left slip of right dock (when facing shore). The tie-down cleats have been positioned specifically for our Pontoon.
  • If anything does not function properly or if anything is damaged, please contact the Marina Committee.

Pontoon Operating Checklist

Please follow the Pontoon Operating Checklist instructions that are attached next to the lock-box in starting and finishing your boat use.  This ensures that the boat is operated and protected in a regular, safe fashion. PontoonChecklist


Please direct inquiries to one of the listed board members.

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