Boating Overview

Boating Overview


  • The Marina Committee will refill gas in the boat. Please do not add gas on your own.
  • Please email Chris Miller when the tank is getting low
    ( ).  


  • The last user is responsible for tarping the boat. If you reserve the boat but end up not using it, you are STILL RESPONSIBLE for tarping the boat in the event of rain. The canopy is to be secured and covered by the last user of the pontoon for the day…ALWAYS.
  • We don’t have a cleaning service for the boat. WE ARE THE CLEANING SERVICE.  So please clean up after your use and make sure everything is ready for the next user.


  • Make sure you report any and all BOAT & DOCK damage or conditions that don’t seem correct to any of the committee members…immediately!!
  • Please report any unauthorized people using the dock or boat.  There have been several new signs put up indicating that this is private property and that it is under video surveillance. In the  summer local non-WS kids are known to use this as a hangout.


  • Please be sure all passengers know where the life preservers are and where the fire extinguisher is located.  BE SAFE!
  • There have been reports of snakes being seen around the dock area.  It is a convenient place for them to be.  Please be aware of your surroundings while using the dock and pontoon.  Remember, they are more afraid of us.
  • If the boat is damp / wet, and if possible, please open the bench seats and allow them to dry out as much as possible.


  • Do not sign up for more than a 3-hour time slot for the pontoon.
  • Reservation can be made once your qualification have been verified.



Please direct inquiries to one of the listed board members.

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