Adopt an Island Project

ADOPT AN ISLAND    Rev. 7/1/2013

The Adopt an Island program was created by the HOA to assure that plantings receive adequate water until root system is established and during draught.

HOA Board Responsibilities

  • Provide funding for perennials and annual flowers each Spring
  • Provide funding for shrubs and trees each Fall

Landscape and Maintenance Committee Responsibilities

  • Assign committee contact for each island adopted
  • Acquire and deliver plants
  • Acquire and have large trees planted
  • Assure that trees and shrubs are zone 5/6 tolerant,location is appropriate, and will not result in safety concerns after a few years growth
  • Arrange for removal or remove dead trees
  • Provide weed and insecticide sprayers and chemicals when requested
  • Facilitate formation of large teams to handle larger areas

Adopting Resident(s) Responsibilities

  • Establish contact person
  • Watering annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees as needed
  • Control weeds Remove dead flowers and shrubs
  • Prune plants
  • Make recommendations for next years budget

Find out more or ask a question:


Please direct inquiries to one of the listed board members.

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